James Edward Flanders
Dallas' First Architect
Mrs Louise J. Kahn - Louise was the person who introduced me to James E. Flanders.  She was researching him for the Dallas Landmark designation for Trinity Methodist Church and I assisted her some in that undertaking and then later carried on the research.  Louise remained in contact and making suggestions until her death. Louise was a philanthropist that donated to many educational and cultural institutions.
Peter Flagg Maxson - Peter is an architectural historian, formally of the Texas Historical Commission.  He has constantly prodded me onward during the many years of research, formally endorsing the project through the THC. He's provided numerous leads, much information, and continuing support and encouragement..  Peter's on the Board of Directors of Preservation Texas and is extremely active in preservation, civic, and other activities in Austin, Texas where he resides.  If you Yahoo "Peter Flagg Maxson" you'll get well over 100 hits - all about Peter participating in some project or cause..
A research project like this one was takes a lot of help from a lot of people.  I don't even know the names of many who helped me - librarians in little towns, folks on the street, museum docents, and the like. I'd like to thank all of them but can't.  I would like to express my gratitude to some of those who donated time and effort to help me with this project.
Riley Nail of the  Old Jail Art Center in Albany, Texas provided me with copies of the original Flanders Drawings of the Shackleford County courthouse.  I'm afraid I made myself a nuisance there and I thank him for his patience.
Jim Steely - Jim is another Texas Historical Commission member who provided a lot of help early on in my project, particularly in his role as director of National Register programs for Texas. Jim is an educator and preservationist.
Lila Stillson of the Architecture and Planning Library at the University of Texas at Austin made it possible to obtain copies of the original Flanders drawing of the 1905 Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas.  Ms. Stillson also helped greatly in interpreting other documents related to Flanders.
Brent Priddy, among many other things,  is a collector of postcards of Flanders churches and over the years he has sent copies of some of his finds that resulted in additions to the list of known Flanders churches.